Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The ultimate in the because-I-think-you-need-it present

The CDC has created unintentionally funny health-themed greeting cards, such as:

- What have you been up to since your last HIV test? --- Let's go get tested again!

- Feel better from your surgery --- and walk around soon afterwards, so you don't get Deep Vein Thrombosis

- Don't just "Wait and See"! --- Just because a sore is painless and disappears doesn't mean that the disease is gone. Get tested for Syphilis today.

Is there any way to make a health-themed greeting card which does not seem preachy?

At least they had the good sense not to make "obesity awareness" greeting cards.


Lisa said...

I think they improve if you picture them being sent by doctors or hospitals. Institutions tend to be earnest and preachy (I remember the wall posters being unusual/hilarious at the Mass. Dept of Health); in that light it's useful of the CDC to prepackage these.

Anonymous said...

those are funny!

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