Tuesday, May 5, 2009

If banishing from the city doesn't work. . . no kissing until marriage

I love the title of this article True Lips Wait. A 22 year old is quoted as saying her first kiss was after the church wedding service in front of 200 people. That's about the age of marriage until which many evangelicals really do wait until marriage.

It's the clichee movie ending, but still it seems unusual (in my wine glass stomping Jewish perception) to kiss as a de facto part of a religious ceremony at all. But especially for someone who hadn't kissed at all before to have their first kiss in front of so many people, it seems particularly unusual to share such an intimate thing as one's first kiss with 200 people.

(I wonder when kissing at the end developed. Do any other religions kiss right after the ceremony? Which branches of Christianity? Variants of Eastern Orthodox? Are there any types of Protestantism that don't?)

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