Thursday, September 3, 2009

R Statistics flash mob for Tuesday

Wow, this is too funny.

> From: The R Flashmob Project
>Subject: R Flashmob #2
>You are invited to take part in R Flashmob, the project that makes the
>world a better place by posting helpful questions and answers about the
>R statistical language to the programmer’s Q & A site
>Please forward this to other people you know who might like to join.
>Q. Why would I want to join an inexplicable R mob?
>A. Tons of other people are doing it.
>Q. Why else?
>A. Stackoverflow was built specifically for handling programming questions.
>It’s a better mousetrap. It offers search (and is well indexed by search engines),
>tagging, voting, the ability to choose the “best” answer to a question, and the ability to
>edit questions and answers as technology progresses. It has a karma system to
>reward people who are happy to help and discourage MLJs (mailing list jerks).
>Q. Do the organizers of this MOB have any commercial interest in stackoverflow?
A. None at all. We’re just convinced it is the best way to help and promote R. All
>the content submitted to stackoverflow is protected by a Creative Commons
>CC-Wiki License, meaning anyone is free to copy, distribute, transmit, and
>remix the information on stackoverflow. All the content on stackoverflow is
>regularly made available for download by the public.
>Start Date: Tuesday, September 8th, 2009
>Start Time:
>10:04 AM – US Pacific
>11:04 AM – US Mountiain
>12:04 PM – US Central
>1:04 PM – US Eastern
>6:04 PM – UK
>7:04 PM – Continental W. Europe
>5:04 AM (Weds) – New Zealand (birthplace of R)
>Duration: 50 minutes
>(1) At some point during the day on September 8th, synchronize your watch to
>(2) The mob should form at precisely 4 minutes past the hour and not beforehand.
>(3) At 4 minutes past the hour, you should arrive at, log in,
>and post 3 R questions. Be sure to tag the questions “R”. See the posting
>guidelines at to understand what makes a good
>(4) Follow R Flashmob updates at
>(5) Post twitter messages tagged #rstats and #rstatsmob during the mob,
>providing links to your questions.
>(6) During the R MOB, you can chat with other participants on the #R channel
>on IRC (freenode). To do this, install the Chatzilla extension on Firefox.
>Click “freenode” on the main screen. Then type /join #R in the field at the
>bottom of the screen. Then chat.
>(7) If you finish posting your three questions within the 50 minutes, stick
> around to answer questions and give “up votes” to good questions and answers.
>(8) IMPORTANT: After posting, sign the R Flashmob guestbook at
>(9) Return to what you would otherwise have been doing. Await
>instructions for R MOB #3.

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Dan Goldstein said...

Hope to see you at the R flashmob!