Monday, January 25, 2010

Webster's dictionary is too sexually explicit

This article reads like it's from the Onion, but in fact parents really do seem to have asked their school district to ban the dictionary from the school library because of its definition of "oral sex," and the district complied.

Not only that, but the school district is looking for more objectionable words in the dictionary. ' "It's hard to sit and read the dictionary, but we'll be looking to find other things of a graphic nature," district spokeswoman Betti Cadmus told the paper [the Guardian].' Just ask any 8 year old. Those "graphic" words are the first words a curious 8 year old turns to when they open any dictionary.

What do school officials think the dictionary is for? Kids don't need to look up terms that they have ample information about such as "flower" and "toe". They need to look up ideas that they do not have ready access to, such as sexual behavior, substance use, and intelligence, as a quote from a board member illustrates well:

Board member Randy Freeman, an elementary school teacher and parent to four daughters in Menifee schools... said it's "a prestigious dictionary that's used in the Riverside County spelling bee, but I also imagine there are words in there of concern."

In other words, it sounds like he's never opened a dictionary.

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JXG said...

I certainly hope they don't let the kids read the Bible!