Monday, December 29, 2008

Today's media requests

I'll post links from what was published today later, but for now:

- Reuters
- ABC TV in Columbus, OH: referrals to local experts. Take bets on whether they choose the statistician or the pediatrician.
- Sacramento radio KFBK: wanted me to go on this morning 2 hours after their call, but I was on a plane.
- Time magazine: Online Q and A to be published tomorrow.
- USA Today
- Family News in Focus
- Ellen Goodman
- WJZ TV Baltimore scheduled interview
- World Health News Today: will schedule interview

Ellen Goodman asked great questions, and was particularly interested by the phenomenon of "forgetting" the pledge, though she asked lots of questions.

USA Today had an immediate deadline for this morning, while I was on a plane, but perhaps later.

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