Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Sending messages to kids

Only one radio station so far has really pushed this "if you teach birth control, kids get the wrong message" idea. In fact, over 90% of parents, and even Sarah Palin, say kids should learn birth control in schools. Afterwards I looked at their webpage, which has a button at the very top for a "Babes Page", and an ad immediately after this segment had a couple of adults making sexual innuendo before going to a home improvement store. What kind of message is that sending to kids?

I don't mean to be all "This is a feminist bookstore; we have no humor section.", but which one is more salacious: the Maxim Hot 100 or a condom demonstration in the style of an airline instructional video?

The officially religious contexts are at least consistent. The Southern Baptists have no Babes Page.

(Btw, an amusing Israeli one for the Hebrew speakers.)

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