Friday, January 2, 2009

Teaching birth control less controversial than thought?

1. The CDC removed information about condoms from its website several years ago, but it just returned the information.

2. I've been corresponding with one of the leaders of the virginity pledge movement, an evangelical minister. In his most recent email, he said that he thinks that virginity pledge leaders are probably all over the map on the question of teaching birth control in schools. That is, they want to encourage abstinence, but that's independent of what they think schools should teach in sex education class. Very refreshing!

I wish I'd known that when I was being ranted at by a Fox News Radio host about how schools "emasculate parents" by teaching birth control. I did tell a Fox News website writer. I'm curious how that will come out.

3. An article about an AME church in Albany that switched from abstinence-only to abstinence-plus approaches.

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