Monday, January 12, 2009

Media coverage of Pediatrics paper

I had my last media interview today, so here's the final list of coverage of the Pediatrics paper.

Professional Journals:
British Medical Journal
American Psychological Association Monitor: Coming

Today Show
(Columbus ABC TV - consulted)
[WJZ TV Baltimore]

WABC New York: Curtis Sliwa Show
KFBK Sacramento.
Family News in Focus Radio
KGO AM San Francisco: ABC News
KPCC Air Talk.: 30 minute call-in show.
Colombia La FM Radio: largest radio station in Colombia
Newstalk Radio, Dublin
Fox News Radio: WINK Fort Meyers, KFAB Omaha, KCMO Kansas City, WGST Atlanta, KOGO San Diego
Doctors' Radio: 1 hour call-in show on xm/sirius satellite radio.
[CBS News Radio]
Indiana Public Radio: Sound Medicine: Coming 2/8/09.

Washington Post
British Medical Journal
New Scientist
Time Magazine
US News and World Report
Christianity Today
[USA Today]
Baptist Press

Ellen Goodman, Boston Globe
Kathryn Lopez, Washington Times
William McGurn, Wall Street Journal
Cheryl Wetzstein, Washington Times: She also mentions my advisor and collaborators' study.

Web: written or audio Top 3 emailed article.
Huffington Post
Christian Post this is the original of what CNN used, but the CNN one got broader coverage.
Health Day
Health News with audio
Time Magazine Q and A
World Health News Today (video): coming?

Based on the abstract:
Medical News Today
Web MD

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