Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Sweden's mandatory sex ed: a social conservative's nightmare

This is what the Evangelicals are afraid of US sex education becoming: mandatory with strawberry-flavored condoms handed out by teachers. The article also notes that tax money subsidizes sex toys sold in state-owned pharmacies.

According to the article, before the legal change "Twenty-seven percent of immigrants’ daughters are kept from participating in some school subjects." That's a large number. Does that mean boys were allowed to go?

Needless to say, the US isn't even close to being like Sweden and would never remove the option for students to opt out. Given the high rates of chlamydia and other STDs among high school students, it would be great to hand out condoms in sex ed classes, but that would never happen and if it did they would be the most boring condoms possible.

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AZ said...

There's nothing worse than a boring condom...