Thursday, July 30, 2009

Abstinent for a year

Another book in the genre of people chronicling a year in which they do something unusual. This book is about being abstinent for a year Chastened: No More Sex In The City by Hephzibah Anderson. According to the review:

Perhaps underpinning many of her own attitudes, Anderson writes authoritatively on 1990s ladette culture, that terrible, capricious period which spawned a sub-species of women for whom boozing, brawling and trawling for men was worn as a badge of honour (I can say that, I was one too). "We may have been sexually empowered, but we were also emotionally frustrated," she reflects. Her contemplation of the disempowerment of romantic courtship which has stemmed from technological advancement also rings disconcertingly true. "As if sitting by the phone weren't bad enough, now we had to take the phone with us and hear its silence in cafes and bars," she writes.

Its conclusion is "Chastity belongs back in the mainstream as a valid form of sexual expression."

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